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Accessible on any device from any location, Time Manager allows organisations to empower their team members with the ability to clock in and out of work remotely or on-site from their own smartphone. Advanced facial recognition integration and location capturing mean that Time Manager’s digital timesheets cannot be manipulated in any way. Generate credible and accurate timesheets in the simplest and lightest way possible.

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Time Manager comes equipped with activity monitoring and time tracking tools so you can efficiently manage your hybrid workforce from a single dashboard.

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Access Management

Time Manager can provide a verifiable biometric access solution that can be used to secure websites and digital platforms.


Site based

Easily keep track of a large workforce with simultaneous self-check in on any device and anytime.


Timecard digitisation

Paperless, cloud based timecards make the process of attendance and shift tracking effortless.

Bridge the gap between you and your employees

Real-time visibility with GPS

Whether you’re in the office or in the field, gain real-time visibility into staff activity. Simply set up worksites and link them with a job or a project to let employees clock in only in pre-defined locations.

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